Amazing business leaders and mentors are committed to personal growth and maturity. Established in 1992, WeMentor has helped thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives become the emotionally and intellectually competent, grounded leaders they were meant to be.

We provide professional mentoring for emerging and experienced leaders. Whether you choose to start with classes, personal mentoring or in a peer mentoring group, the business leadership skills you'll develop will be invaluable to your venture and to those around you. Business mentoring is important on a personal level as well.

Check out the WeMentor results: our business mentoring clients succeed. As you read these stories, ask yourself: am I ready to examine my future direction with the help of WeMentor? Contact us. We would like to connect with you.

Overcoming Internal Barriers to Innovation:
Where: Client Site
When: Client Driven

*Learn the 7 barriers to small business innovation and how to overcome them.

*Utilize different decision making and business planning strategies.

*Identify and refine your small business innovative process.

*Implement what you have learned; continue refining the innovative process and growing your business.

Take a leadership leap forward. Nancy creates openings for you to expand your leadership abilities and invest in purposeful work through business planning, implementation, and effective leadership growth. E-mail to set an appointment today.

Everyone has different learning and management styles. We've compiled a set of agree/disagree statements that will give you a sense of our framework, our philosophy and our commitment to your success. Like our business, the statements are all about you. Read through them - answer honestly - then you can check your profile.

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